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Considering the Difference: Skyrim and LOTRO Pt2


(this will be an ongoing piece as I dwell through the differences I see)

Although I have played LOTRO for some time and logged in at least 1500+  hours game play on the servers. I have to admit that eventually I ran out of steam. I decided to take a brief break. During that month I bought Skyrim and began to play. I was hooked, I have played Skyrim consistently for over two months. Recently I went back to play LOTRO and after a short stint on the server I logged of and opened Skyrim. I asked myself the question, have I lost interest in LOTRO?  Even more recently I went back to play LOTRO. When I got on the site I noticed immedietley that my War Steed was wonky!! Without touching any keys he was moving backwards and sideways and when I went in to mounted combat it was the most frustrating thing I had experienced in the two and a half years of playing the game.


Riding in Angmar to the castle of the Witch King


Let me say that I have been a supporter and subscribed to LOTRO a few months after I started to play, I have spent hours and money other than my subscription fee and have been a staunch supporter of the game. Whether someone should take offence to my criticism means nothing to me as I personnaly consider myself one of the biggest fans of the game.


On the back of Odahving leaving Whiterun in Skyrim

 At this point I have to admit  after playing Skyrim, I am looking forward to the release of Elder Scrolls Online and a decision may be in the making depending on several factors. Now being that I have only so much time to game and so much money to allow myself the luxury, this means one of two things will happen.  Either I will continue to be a LOTRO subscriber or, I will move on to the realms of Tamriel. This piece will be an ongoing search to find which way I go, So if you find yourself in a simlar situation or if you’re just curious,  please join me as I journey through this quest of making my decision, whether to continue my travels in Middle Earth or, should I venture on in to the realms of Oblivion and Tamriel. We shall see.

The Mass Effect


I just finished the Mass Effect Trilogy, first let me start by saying although I know it received mixed reviews, I believe it is one of the most creative and excellent RPFPS games I have ever played. My opinion doesn’t come lightly, I believe I have a qualified perspective as I have played many RPFPS games and own quite a few in my collection. At present I have played the Fallout trilogy, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, Red Faction series, Code of Honor, Crysis series, and many older console type FPS games since the earliest ever created. I also have a history of playing RPG games like Never Winter Nights, LOTRO, Oblivion, Skyrim and many others. Long story short I’ve been a gamer since the days of pong, so nuff said on that.

Mass effect is not a game for immature or casual gamers, as my 12 year old son said very well, it’s more like an interactive movie than a game. Much like life, your choices create the world around you and the outcomes are tailored to your choices.

Mass Effect puts you in the middle of a universe of possibilities, emotion and people , it hands you the control but, in a sense you really never have control at all, much like the real world. The game play of course is what most people look at and for that part it has a good engine, not like the earlier Bioware games “Neverwinter Nights” for example, which I played extensively but after a few years found it to be boring to say the least. Dragon Age is ok but didn’t keep my attention for very long.


ME is not like other games I’ve played. In short, I laughed, I cried and actually sat dumbfounded at times. It drew me in and kept my attention, and if someone has a short attention span I guess that won’t help. I found myself on the edge of my seat and on the edge of my emotions. I had to think and I had to act and when the battles happened I had to fight hard. When a friend died I cried and when an enemy died I had to catch my breath.


Regardless of the choices you make John Shepherd makes it hard to make the wrong ones. His character exudes greatness and if you make the wrong choices it’s because you choose to and not because of Shepherd. Becoming a paragon is the best way to go, what that means, is to help people will get you farther in the game and will bring you to right outcome. This in itself is a lesson needed in the real world for many.

The Galaxy is in turmoil, the human race is new to a government of planets and although the rest of the Galaxy looks down on the human beings, it’s up to one to save the galaxy. You are that person and with the help of several very loyal and not so loyal interesting characters you set out to do just that.



In the story you find yourself becoming entwined with the personal lives of the people who will help you and this makes for a very interesting story. Each person being quite different from the other. Without helping them they will not help you so it is a must to help them.

The story of John Shepherd is an interesting one to say the least, he is a strong and solid man and you can play him in a number of careers. I choose to play him a a soldier as it seems only fitting that a soldier would be a solid person to do the things needed of him. The choice is yours though to be what you wish. Either way the galaxy is on your shoulders.


No matter what you choose to do, Mass Effect is a powerful game with strong moral bindings that leads you through a galaxy of incredible characters and places you will not find anywhere else. Mass Effect is a story that I have to say is right up there with any of the greatest Sci-Fi Novels I have ever read and I’ve read a great many. More on Mass Effect in the future.

LOTRO versus Skyrim

For the last couple of years I have been an avid Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)  player. I have over 1450 hours of game play and every hour was extremely incredible. LOTRO has one of the largest game play maps I’ve ever seen and the graphics are incredible. It’s true at times the quests can be repetitive but for the most part playing a game that follows the books of Tolkien is an incredible experience. I’ve been a subscriber for at least a year and half and have had no qualms paying to play the game. I own a home, almost every horse you can have and all the updates, now enter Skyrim.


After buying an Xbox for my son under the illusion it was for me, I finally bought Skyrim for him. At first The game didn’t interest me and the graphics didn’t seem that great. Being a PC gamer and not playing console games since the Nintendo days I had no interest in the game. Then one day I got bit and decided to buy the game, after the installation I played the opening scene, immediately I noticed the graphics were much better on my PC than on the Xbox. I played on, as the game progressed I began to feel the game platy and found I liked what I was feeling. The one thing I didn’t like was the motion controls only allows movement through the old WSAD system, perhaps I need to check control setting s to change that. I played on, I found more and more I began to completely enjoy the game. Them I found MODS!