Considering the Difference: Skyrim and LOTRO Pt2


(this will be an ongoing piece as I dwell through the differences I see)

Although I have played LOTRO for some time and logged in at least 1500+  hours game play on the servers. I have to admit that eventually I ran out of steam. I decided to take a brief break. During that month I bought Skyrim and began to play. I was hooked, I have played Skyrim consistently for over two months. Recently I went back to play LOTRO and after a short stint on the server I logged of and opened Skyrim. I asked myself the question, have I lost interest in LOTRO?  Even more recently I went back to play LOTRO. When I got on the site I noticed immedietley that my War Steed was wonky!! Without touching any keys he was moving backwards and sideways and when I went in to mounted combat it was the most frustrating thing I had experienced in the two and a half years of playing the game.


Riding in Angmar to the castle of the Witch King


Let me say that I have been a supporter and subscribed to LOTRO a few months after I started to play, I have spent hours and money other than my subscription fee and have been a staunch supporter of the game. Whether someone should take offence to my criticism means nothing to me as I personnaly consider myself one of the biggest fans of the game.


On the back of Odahving leaving Whiterun in Skyrim

 At this point I have to admit  after playing Skyrim, I am looking forward to the release of Elder Scrolls Online and a decision may be in the making depending on several factors. Now being that I have only so much time to game and so much money to allow myself the luxury, this means one of two things will happen.  Either I will continue to be a LOTRO subscriber or, I will move on to the realms of Tamriel. This piece will be an ongoing search to find which way I go, So if you find yourself in a simlar situation or if you’re just curious,  please join me as I journey through this quest of making my decision, whether to continue my travels in Middle Earth or, should I venture on in to the realms of Oblivion and Tamriel. We shall see.

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