LOTRO versus Skyrim

For the last couple of years I have been an avid Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)  player. I have over 1450 hours of game play and every hour was extremely incredible. LOTRO has one of the largest game play maps I’ve ever seen and the graphics are incredible. It’s true at times the quests can be repetitive but for the most part playing a game that follows the books of Tolkien is an incredible experience. I’ve been a subscriber for at least a year and half and have had no qualms paying to play the game. I own a home, almost every horse you can have and all the updates, now enter Skyrim.


After buying an Xbox for my son under the illusion it was for me, I finally bought Skyrim for him. At first The game didn’t interest me and the graphics didn’t seem that great. Being a PC gamer and not playing console games since the Nintendo days I had no interest in the game. Then one day I got bit and decided to buy the game, after the installation I played the opening scene, immediately I noticed the graphics were much better on my PC than on the Xbox. I played on, as the game progressed I began to feel the game platy and found I liked what I was feeling. The one thing I didn’t like was the motion controls only allows movement through the old WSAD system, perhaps I need to check control setting s to change that. I played on, I found more and more I began to completely enjoy the game. Them I found MODS!

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