You have found the gaming blog of John Garza, since the time of Pong (1972) I have been an avid gamer. From the earliest consoles to more recent, and PC gaming I have played many “video” games. From the earliest versions of Zelda, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and on and on I’ve played over the years. When I became involved in computer technology I began to play games on them as well. Once I used computers I never went back to consoles or arcade games. Over the years the technology has taken us down the road of virtual reality and graphics that rival even real life at times.

More recently I have become an MMO gamer and on LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) I have over 1558 hours logged in. Since then I have moved on to Elder Scrolls Online. Needless to say I have become a connoisseur of games and herald over 96 games in my collection of PC games.

Because of the large collection I recently built a new computer specifically for gaming, in order to free up my Web-mastering/Graphic design computers resources.

In recent years a phenomena called Modding has arisen and I have become a game modder as well. You can find my mods on two of my other websites listed in the menu. this site is solely fo my personal opinions and experience with games I play. So, welcome to all gamers and those who are curious to know just what the big deal is about Gaming!